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What is the sedmed toilet lift assist?

The SedMed Toilet Lift Assist is a mobility product for the toilet. The product helps people who might struggle with getting on / off the toilet by slowly lowering users down and providing a natural, but effective boost to lift up to 80% of their body weight in raising off the toilet. The SedMed uses no electricity!

Is it easy for users to operate the SedMed independently?

Yes, the SedMed is a very simple product. You simply sit against the seat, it slowly lowers you down, locks for safety, and when you are ready to get up, you pull the arm lever back to unlock it and it will help you stand up. Individuals who require extensive care, have cognitive issues/impairments, have extreme fall/balance risk, or are otherwise high risk should use the product with the support of someone else or not at all.

How is the Sedmed toilet lift powered?

The product uses a gas spring (same thing commonly found porch screen doors, car trunks, and more) that is mechanically optimized with our patent-pending design to effectively raise and lower the body weight of individuals. There is no electricity required

What safety measures are designed into the product?

Safety is at the core SedMed's design - some of our features:

  • Sturdiness: The product is built with solid steel to feel as sturdy as possible. The product also mounts directly onto the toilet to feel as if it is a solid extension of the existing toilet base.
  • Automatic lock: An automatic locking and release mechanism that gives way to only intentional lifts off the toilet. This lock also allows for users to release it so they can use both hands to get off the toilet
  • Release lever: The locking release lever was designed in a location that is ergonomic / easy to access and yet not too easy to accidentally trigger a release. It was also designed to require enough force to operate such that it isn't too easy to accidentally release the lock, yet also not too difficult
  • Gas spring: The gas spring speed and level of force/assistance were carefully selected to provide a natural and efficient lift on and off the toilet, while giving the users control of their experience
  • The product was designed to be as compact as possible and to not touch the floor at all. This is not only so it can fit and more bathrooms and look aesthetically pleasing, but also so that there are less objects to catch people's clothes and induce potential tripping hazards
  • An optional backrest was also included into the design (it is removable) to make sure users backs don't accidentally hit against the back of the toilet tank or pipe
How are we different from other products in the market?

The sturdy and stable design of the SedMed is easily mounted on the toilet, creating a natural extension rather than a stand alone and potentially wobbly product. The product's core innovation lies in its gas spring selection and linkage lift system design, which is a self-powered lifting and lowering system that is adjustable to a user's weight/comfort.

What  the purpose of a toilet lift, and what are the advantages of using one?

The function is to assist individuals with limited mobility or physical disabilities to safely and comfortably use the toilet. It is designed to raise and lower the user, providing greater accessibility and independence. The product aims to improve hygiene, reduce strain on caregivers, enhance privacy/independence, and improve overall quality of life

Can the toilet lift assist be used by individuals with varying mobility needs or disabilities?

The product is accessible to individuals with diverse mobility needs or disabilities, requiring adequate force to lower themselves and the ability to operate the release handle. Individuals who require extensive care, have cognitive issues/impairments, have extreme fall/balance risk, or are otherwise high risk should use the product with the support of someone else or not at all.

Is the SedMed toilet lift assist suitable for both healthcare facilities and at-home use?

The SedMed is versatile for healthcare facilities and home use, as long as the planned bathroom locations meet the space and toilet requirements. Almost all healthcare facility bathrooms are compatible with the SedMed. See our compatibility guide for further details.

Is my bathroom compatible for the SedMed?

Most bathrooms are compatible with the SedMed, especially if they are ADA or handicapped compliant. However, if you're unsure, refer to our bathroom compatibility guide for further assistance.

Is my toilet compatible for the SedMed?

The SedMed is compatible with most toilets, including all elongated toilets. While most round toilets are also compatible, it is recommended to consult the SedMed toilet compatibility guide for confirmation. In rare cases, toilets with excessive flair up or around the tank may hinder the product's mounting capability.

How do I properly install the SedMed toilet lift?

The SedMed is installed by directly mounting it on the toilet. To do this, remove the toilet seat by unscrewing the two bolts in the hinge holes. The SedMed has hole slots in the back that attaches to these hinge holes, exactly like how the toilet seat is attached.

Will the SedMed toilet lift take up a significant amount of space in my bathroom? Will it fit? Does it touch the floor?

The product features a minimalist design that easily fits into most bathrooms. The arm opposite the locking mechanism, can be removed if need be. The product does not come into contact with the floor at any point.

Does the toilet lift assist require any modifications to the existing bathroom setup?

SedMed toilet lift does not require significant modifications to your bathroom. Depending on the size and space around your toilet, you may need to move non-permanent objects such as toilet roll holders. SedMed mounts directly onto the toilet, so floor objects like rugs and carpets will not interfere.

Is professional installation required for the toilet lift?

Professional installation is not required for SedMed.

Does the SedMed toilet lift require regular maintenance?

The product does not require maintenance.

What is the recommended method for cleaning the SedMed toilet lift?

The product can be cleaned like any other toilet or toilet product is cleaned. It is compatible with nearly all traditional bathroom cleaning products.

Can multiple individuals share the same product?

Yes, the product can be used by multiple individuals. If the individuals have significantly different weights or assist needs, the weight might need to be adjusted prior to each toileting use. Adjusting the wait only takes a few seconds, but the product is best suited for use by a limited number of people. The product can also stay in the down or seated position if desired.

Who should refrain from using the SedMed toilet lift?

Not suitable for children and individuals who require extensive care, have cognitive issues/impairments, have extreme fall/balance risk, or are otherwise high risk should use the product with the support of someone else or not at all.

What weight range does the toilet lift accommodate?

The product accommodates a weight range of 75 to 275 pounds

How long does it typically take for the SedMed toilet lift to raise someone from the toilet?

The speed of the SedMed lift depends on the user's mobility and effort. As SedMed provides a natural motion, the lift moves at the user's own pace. Users can get on and off the toilet in < 5 seconds going down and up.

What is the estimated shipping time?

We are currently taking preorders at the preorder discount rate. The product is estimated to ship Q1 2024.

How can I contact SedMed for any inquiries or support?

You can reach out to SedMed by contacting us at

Do you offer international shipping for the SedMed?

Not at this time.