Does the SedMed fit in my bathroom?

If your bathroom is ADA or handicapped compliant then YES

If your bathroom looks like this then YES

A compatible bathroom

Examples of compatible bathrooms

Another compatible bathroom
Yet another compatible bathroom

There is enough room on both sides of the toilet

Toilet with enough room on both sides
Another toilet with enough room on both sides

Examples of smaller bathrooms that may still be compatible

A smaller bathroom that is still compatible
Another smaller bathroom that is compatible

Account for: walls, vanity, sinks, baths, doors

Bathroom, account for walls vanity, etc
Bathroom 2, account for walls vanity, etc

Uncertain about your bathroom's compatibility with SedMed?
Take measurements and consult this guide.

Diagram that helps you take the correct measurements
From center to left make sure you have 17.5'' minimum clearance*
*If you don't have 17.5'' inches on left side, don't worry, the release handle can be moved to the right
From center to right make sure you have 12.5'' minimum clearance
From the widest part of the toilet it
should not be greater than 17''

If your bathroom meets the required measurements, then YES SedMed is compatible.


Dimensions (Inches)
Seat & Handle Bars width: 25''
Release Handle: 4''
Front overhang: 2''
Weight: 50 Ibs
Specifications image for the lift assist

Bathroom and Toilet compatibility detailed instructions

Measure a 2'' clearance from front of toilet rim
To account for swinging doors: measure a 21'' clearance in front of toilet
Top down diagram for instructions
From toilet rim to the floor make sure you have 12''minimum clearance
Front view for instructions

Does the SedMed fit in my toilet?

The SedMed fits nearly all elongated and some round toilets!

Make sure tank does not flair past the green line:

Example of a toilet that does not flair
Toilet does not flair
.75" of clearance with no flairs left/right or upwards Good to go!
Example of a toilet that does flair
Toilet flairs to right and left
SedMed won't be able to mount
Toilet flairs up with no room next to seat holes
Another example of a toilet that flairs

Example of Non-Compatible Bathrooms

Insufficient amount of space on both left and right side

A bathroom with an insufficient amount of space on each side

Round Toilets

If you have a round toilet: We recommend that the distance from tank to front inner lip is at least a distance of 18 inches to prevent theSedMed from overhanging the toilet.

Note the lift may still be compatible but contact us for verification.

Round toilet diagram
If you're still unsure about SedMed compatibility, reach out to us for assistance and any questions at (203) 850-7548 or email us at