Introducing the SedMed
Toilet Lift Assist

The world wasn't designed for everyone. We're here to change that. Starting with the bathroom.
Lifts up to 80% of bodyweight with no electricity!
Takes less than 20 minutes to assemble and install!

See how it works

Easily install & use in 3 steps

A wrench and bolts


Simply remove the 2 bolts attaching your current toilet seat and the seat itself

Attaching device to toilet


Place the SedMed Toilet Lift onto your toilet and just tighten in the 2 bolts

Steps completed


Using a SedMed is simple and natural

Sit: against the SedMed and it will automatically slowly lower you down
Make: #1 💦 or #2 💩
Click: pull the safety locking lever back until it clicks to stand up
Lift: stand up and prepare to be assisted!
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A product image of the sedmed toilet lift assist

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Down arrows

Slowly lowers you down

The product provides active resistance against someone’s butt/bodyweight. This allows for a slow and controlled lowering onto the toilet

A lock

Locks for safety

Product automatically locks for safety upon sitting down for only intentional lifts off the toilet

A checkmark

Controlled yet powerful assist off toilet

Product lifts up to 80% of bodyweight in getting on/off the toilet, drastically reducing physical effort

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Easy and quick to use

Less than 5 second transfer speed and only 1 lever to interact with

A weight bar

Weight adjustable

75 lb to 275 lb individuals can adjust to their best comfort of assist

A crossed out bolt of electricity

No electricity

There is no motor, no wiring, and no battery. Product is totally self powered

A smiley face

Easy to install

Mounts onto almost any elongated toilet (round/standard model coming soon! Enter your email to be notified)


Easy to clean

Compatible with all cleaning solutions and designed for cleanliness at the near top of our criteria


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Product aims to drastically reduce the possibility of and event of falls.

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Effective & Helpful

Slowly lowers body weight down and lifts up to 80% of bodyweight getting off

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Restores independence and dignity. No need to rely on loved ones or professionals

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Strong and Stable

Product mounts onto toilet and feels like an extension of the toilet. Solid Steel - Durable & Strong!

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Peace of Mind

Gives loved ones peace of mind, knowing SedMed has your butt :)

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Less struggle and more cushion with SedMed means you can go to bathroom RIGHT when you need to

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Cost Avoidance

With SedMed, you can curb the financial burden of overnight caregiver and fall injuries

Improving Activities of Daily Living is Our Mission.

SedMed is a mobility products company improving the safety & independence of those who struggle with Activities of Daily Living.
"It's so sturdy and reliable, I never have to worry about falling."
- Sherry
"I can finally use the bathroom without having to call for help."
- John
"The standing aid is a lifesaver for those with knee or back pain."
- Anonymous Patient
"It's like floating on air."
- Raymond

Trusted by leaders in the healthcare industry

Technical Specifications

Product Life

Patent-pending. There is no electricity required for this product! No motor. No wiring. No battery. It is completely self-powered, using a gas spring, which is weight/assist adjustable with 5 different settings. The gas spring allows for a much more natural, ergonomic, and quicker transfer off the toilet. It assists up to 80% of a user's weight.

Dimensions & Measurements

Minimum weight: 75 lb.
Maximum weight: 275 lb.
Added height from top of toilet: 2.5”
Seating area: 18” x 18” 
Width between handlebars: 23”
Width: 25” + 5” handle on either side (mounts to which ever side is preferred)
Depth: 21”
Weight: 50 lb.
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