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SedMed Origin Story

Tim’s close family friend, who lived with him for 5 years and who he called ”Grandma Grace”, suffered from a stroke. Watching her struggle to get around the house Tim realized something needed to be done and so SedMed was born.


SedMed is a mobility products company that improves the safety & independence of those who struggle with Activities of Daily Living and reduces injuries to health care workers.

Our first product, The SedMed Toilet Lift Assist helps older adults and those with disabilities get on & off of the toilet with minimal effort.

Health care workers and health care institutions are also at the forefront of our vision of a safer, easier work environment. 

We aim to produce a new, safer environment that reduces worker injuries (and the associated costs) stemming from toilet transfers.


Value Propositions


Reduce risks of falls & injuries for users

Weight adjustable 75 - 300 lb. persons

Provides fast transfers (less than 5 seconds)

Height range: 5’ - 6’ 6”

Reduce injury risk to worker & associated costs

No electricity needed

Increases marketability for health care institutions

Bodily fluids & cleaning agents friendly

Regain independence & privacy & use toilet normal

Low profile & Easy assembly

Marketability for new nurses and reduced turnover

The SedMed Toilet Lift Assist easily mounts directly onto any toilet.

500+ Customer Discovery Interviews

Non-Provisional Patent & PCT App. Filed

“SedMed” Trademark Secured

Multiple Health Care Institutions Partnerships

A photo of CEO, Jeremy Bronen
A photo of COO, Timothy Krupski
A photo of COO, Timothy Krupski

Jeremy Bronen

Timothy Krupski

Glenn Bayer

CEO, Co-Founder

COO,  Co-Founder

Chief Commercial Officer


Dr. Michael Apkon

Alan Masarek

Chris Allen

Peter Seiff

David Uland

Health Care Advisor

Financial Advisor

Scaling Venture Advisor

Sales Advisor

Manufacturing Advisor

President, Sand Street Advisors

Past CEO, Tufts Medical Center

Past CEO, Hospital For Sick Children

Chairman, Markforged

Past CEO, Vonage

Serial Entrepreneur

CEO, iCleanse

COO, Digital 360 Health

Past CEO, Devices

CEO, Aethon Robotics

CEO, Freehand Engineering


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